Useful Links

This page contains links to other web sites that you may find useful, informative or just plain fun.

  • Our national organization, the National Audubon Society, has a website at:
  • Our state organization, California Audubon, has a website at:
  • Information on activities at the Kern River Preserve can be found at:
  • Our own bird photography expert, Bob Steele, has a very nice website with lots of his great pictures at:
  • Another of our local bird photography experts, Ralph Paonessa, has his nice website with lots of his great pictures at:
  • Our member, Alison Sheehey, AKA NatureAli has a nice website at:
  • The Eastern Sierra Audubon Society, our sister organization located in Bishop, California has a site located at:
  • The Southwest Birders site has lots of interesting and useful information on birding in the southwest. The site is located at:
  • We often parter with the Southern Sierra Research Station for conservation work:
  • Birders World has an on line magazine located at:
  • The Birdwatcher’s Digest magazine has a website at:
  • Avibase, a data base of information on all the worlds birds can be found at:
  • Bird Source, a partnership between the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology with information on the
    Great Backyard Bird Count, the Christmas Bird Count and Project Feederwatch has a website at:
  • The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the last word on all matters bird, has their site at:
  • All Best Binoculars is a nice site that has easy to understand reviews of binoculars and spotting scopes suitable for birders at:
  • Our very own first class Maturango Museum located in Ridgecrest has a nice site at:
  • Birdingpal is well established global website for traveling birders, helping you find local contacts and information about birdwatching.

These links are provided as a service to our readers and in no way constitute an endorsement of any kind by Kerncrest Audubon Society of any commercial interests represented by any of these links.

Note: This page previously contained a link for emailing suggestions. The link however was generating a lot of spam email. Apologies to anyone who sent a legitimate suggestion that was lost in the spam.