Thank You from the Poo-Poo Project

Kerncrest Audubon received a thank you card pictured above from the folks at the Poo-Poo Project. The thank you was for purchasing 10 Poo-Poo screens for the Sequoia National Forest to cover the large open vent pipes in vault toilets. This is closely aligned with the work we have done to cap open pipes and mining claim “posts”. Open pipes are death traps for cavity nesting birds.

The Long-eared Owl pictured above looks mad and probably was mad because it had just been fished out of a sewage-holding tank under an outhouse. It was lucky. Most birds that get trapped in these “Vault-Toilets” struggle to get free but can’t and die there. All the vault toilet vent pipes in the Sequoia National Forest, we have been told, are now screened over so birds can’t get trapped in the vaults. These ten screens were the last ones needed to complete the local effort.