Spring Point Counts

In the spring of every other year members of Kerncrest Audubon conduct bird surveys for the Bureau of Land Management. This spring will mark the 13th count year for counts in the Indian Wells Canyon and Sand Canyon. The counts occur at 10 to 12 specific points set 200 meters apart along routes in the canyons. The observer stops at each point and records every bird heard or seen during ten minutes at the point.

These point counts are recorded in eBird and other science data bases to help scientist monitor the health of our natural habitat. Recently the Southern Sierra Riparian Canyons were named as important bird areas in part because of the information gathered through these counts.

Kerncrest has been asked to also monitor birds in Indian Joe Canyon and has recently been involved in surveys of the springs in the Argus Rang that support the endangered California Inyo Towhee.

More counters are needed. The counts are conducted during fair weather. They involve walks of two to four miles across mostly gentle terrain. They occur during spring when migrating bird species visit and nest in the count areas. If you are interested in joining the count please contact Lee Sutton at (760) 382-6386 or Brenda Burnett at (760) 382-4935.

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