September Public Program: Share Your Photos

The Kerncrest Audubon Society invites its members and the public to share your bird and other interesting wildlife photographs at our September general meeting at the Maturango Museum.

We often get inquiries and descriptions of birds that are observed around our desert and mountains. Many of you have taken excellent photographs of birds and wildlife while out hiking in the desert or mountains or on vacations. If you have photographs of interesting birds and wildlife, put them on a USB flash drive (thumb drive) or print an image so we can show them at our next general meeting. Kerncrest Audubon will set up computer and projection equipment at the Maturango Museum so we see and talk about your photographs.

We would love to see these photographs. Kerncrest Audubon members are enthusiastic bird watchers and are very knowledgeable of the wildlife in our area and we can share what we know.

Please let us know if plan to show your photographs or have any questions, contact Hector Villalobos (Vice President, Kerncrest Audubon Society) at: or (760) 301-2920.

The Kerncrest Audubon Society welcomes everyone, join us at the Maturango Museum at 7pmSeptember 21, 2017. It’s our first annual meeting. There will be cookies and refreshments.

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