Potential Chapter GIS Training

Victoria (Tory) Elmore, the Audubon California Desert Advocate, is willing to come to Ridgecrest (or perhaps Weldon, if that’s where all the interest is) to teach us how to use GIS, the online data and mapping system.

Here is her description of that program: “Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a powerful tool for visualizing and analyzing spatial data. Where are the best places to bird in my county? How will that new development impact a particular species? Which Congressmen should I contact about proposed legislation? What routes should our bird count cover? How best to monitor our nest boxes? These (and many more) are all questions that Audubon and its members are currently using GIS to answer. “All you need is a computer, an email address, and an internet connection. “Using ArcGIS Online, participants will learn how to – Upload multiple data types, including eBird data, membership/donor mailing lists, habitat types, park boundaries, roads and traffic, congressional boundaries and more – Add and change base maps and map symbols – Run basic spatial analyses – Create both interactive and printer-friendly web maps – Develop simple data collection and mapping applications.”

The class will likely be scheduled for late May, after all the April migration-based festivals and events have played out. Are you interested? If so, please notify Dan Burnett at 760-382-4934, or Brenda at 760-382-4935 and we will add your name to a list of possible attendees.

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