Pixley and Kern National Wildlife Refuges Field Trip

It’s time again for our Annual foray to the wetlands of the southern San Joaquin Valley to view wintering waterfowl and shorebirds, and to watch the daily Spectacular Show of the Sandhill Crane and White-faced Ibis fly-in at the Pixley National Wildlife Refuge.

Some will take RVs and depart on Friday, February 16. To join those, call Brenda Burnett at 760-382-4935.

Some will come just for Saturday. To join those from Ridgecrest, call Bob Parker at 760-446-2001. Also call Bob if you would like to arrange another meeting place.

Particulars will be provided as folks sign up and express their preferences for meeting places and departure times. Bob will probably lead a group departing Ridgecrest early Saturday morning. Others from different locales may want to arrange meeting places other places, such as California City or Lake Isabella, or the campground at Colonel Allensworth State Park, where the people camping will be. (That is also a fun, historical park to visit.)

Tents are also allowed at that campground, so if that’s all you have, bring it! If you don’t have a camp stove, the Burnetts’ galley is available. There are public restrooms and showers in the park.

The Burnett cell phone above will be available for contact at all times.

(PS: Some stalwart birders may get up Sunday to go to the Pixley NWR for the Crane departure. That is supposed to be even more spectacular than the fly-in, because the birds lift off in bigger groups. Yours truly hasn’t made it yet.)

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