November Public Program: Defenders of Wildlife California Desert Conservation Programs By Tom Egan

The Kerncrest Audubon Society’s guest speaker for November’s general meeting will be Tom Egan, the California Desert Representative for Defenders of Wildlife. Mr. Egan has previously worked as a consulting ecologist for an environmental consulting firm in southern California. He has also worked as a wildlife biologist for the Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service; and as a biological/veterinary technician with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. He has worked with owls, eagles, falcons, dippers, vireos and almost everything in between. He specializes in work associated with threatened & endangered species, biological survey, environmental impact analysis, project permitting, and habitat restoration.

Tom will talk about his current work on Regional Conservation Investment Strategy (RCIS) planning to identify key conservation opportunities and habitat enhancement actions within southern California deserts in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties.  The RCIS program may be considered for Kern County and California City.  Tom will also review Defenders of Wildlife efforts to advocate for our native wildlife and defense of our National Monuments.

The Kerncrest Audubon Society welcomes everyone, join us at the Maturango Museum at 7pm on November 16th.

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