September Public Program: Share Your Photos

The Kerncrest Audubon Society invites its members and the public to share your bird and other interesting wildlife photographs at our September general meeting at the Maturango Museum.

We often get inquiries and descriptions of birds that are observed around our desert and mountains. Many of you have taken excellent photographs of birds and wildlife while out hiking in the desert or mountains or on vacations. If you have photographs of interesting birds and wildlife, put them on a USB flash drive (thumb drive) or print an image so we can show them at our next general meeting. Kerncrest Audubon will set up computer and projection equipment at the Maturango Museum so we see and talk about your photographs.

We would love to see these photographs. Kerncrest Audubon members are enthusiastic bird watchers and are very knowledgeable of the wildlife in our area and we can share what we know.

Please let us know if plan to show your photographs or have any questions, contact Hector Villalobos (Vice President, Kerncrest Audubon Society) at: or (760) 301-2920.

The Kerncrest Audubon Society welcomes everyone, join us at the Maturango Museum at 7pmSeptember 21, 2017. It’s our first annual meeting. There will be cookies and refreshments.

Sonoran Institute Open House Meeting

An amazing report entitled Evaluating Encroachment Pressures on the Military Mission in the California Desert has been released discussing encroachment issues caused by urban development; renewable energy; electrical transmission lines; extractive industries like mining; recreation; and natural resource management.

Interestingly, the report identifies the preservation of wilderness and other natural areas around military bases as a force for their future success in that urban development is excluded.

NAWS China Lake is one of the bases studied, and groundwater depletion is discussed as a local encroachment problem. Water as a resource needed for urban development is also mentioned as a source of conflict with military bases in other areas of water scarcity.

The study was done with the full cooperation of the military, and reported results have their approval.

The full report may be downloaded at . Tellingly, the title of the download is ProtectingCalDesertMilitary.

It is lengthy, but readable if you do not attempt to decipher the detailed maps. And it is very informative! (I would hope that presentations at the open houses to be held will have maps that are big enough to see.)

An open house meeting will be held in Ridgecrest from 3:00 to 4:30 PM on Thursday, June 29 in the Fossil Falls Room of the Kerr McGee Center, 100 W California Ave.

Another will be held the same day in Victorville, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Hilton Garden Inn, 12603 Mariposa Road.

Canebrake Reserve Open

The Canebrake Ecological Reserve Public Access Trail is open again after 
being closed for two or more years. It is a lovely place for a morning stroll. The paved, handicapped-accessible trail is not in the greatest of shape, so a wheelchair, while it probably could get through, might require an occasional push from a friend.

The entrance to the Public Access Trail trailhead parking area is located on the north (forest) side of highway 178, 4-5 miles east of 
the community of Onyx and a mile or so west of the community of 
Canebrake. An easy landmark is the large greenhouse visible about 1/4 mile back from the road, on the south side, across from the preserve parking entrance on the north.

Audubon Award-Winning Nature Photographs on Display AT Maturango Museum

Visit the Maturango Museum between July 13, 2017 and August 7, 2017 to walk among the winning bird photographs from this year’s Audubon Photography Awards.

A panel of five judges had the daunting task of sifting through over 7,000 submissions to select the winners of the 2016-2017 Audubon Nature Photography Contest. . The images were graded based on technical quality, originality, and artistic merit. The judges selected nine photographs to be winners and runners-up. These nine photos plus three others selected from the top 100 submissions are going to be on display at the Maturango Museum.

The National Audubon Society is circulating the photos to local chapters. Kerncrest Audubon and the Maturango Museum were lucky enough to be able to schedule a showing of these stunning photographs.

The museum is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM during the time the photos will be on exhibit.