61st China Lake Christmas Bird Count

Don’t forget to call Peter Woodman and let him know if you plan to participate in this year’s Christmas Bird Count.

Continuing with tradition, the count will be the first Sunday of the Count Period, this year on December 17, from 0700 to 1700.

Count week is from December 13 to 20.  Species that are seen during Count Week but not on Count Day also get tallied, so keep an eye out for interesting species you see during that period, and note where you see them.

We will meet at Leroy Jackson Park at 0700 on the 17th.  The compilation and pizza party will be at 5 pm, at the home of Pat Moore, again continuing a long tradition. (At day’s end, the census-takers gather for a traditional pizza dinner, then total up the day’s results – species and individuals.  There is always the excitement of reporting rarities – out-of-season warblers or a single Golden Eagle.  And finally the summation:  did we do better or worse than last year, and what was the effect of a long dry spell or a year of better-than-average rain?)

Bring a picnic for lunch in the park. We convene at noon for a quick survey of species expected but missed, and a plan for an afternoon reconnaissance. (And if you’re not an early riser and want to tag along only for an afternoon of birding, that can probably be arranged.)

Please give Peter a call (760-861-3961) or email at (Kivabio@aol.com) and let him know if you plan to participate so he can budget coverage and make assignments, and order pizza.

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